SPI will visit the location prior to carrying out any investigation to gain more of an insight into the location and to take baseline readings for some of the equipment we use. This would also include a walk around of the location with Nath our intuitive. This would only normally include two members of our investigation team!
We also like to have an informal discussion with the owners of the location. We will normally give some incident logging sheets to the owners to be completed on the run up to the investigation. We will also try to obtain any history connected with the property as we like to conduct historical research and may request documentation such as a copy of the deeds or relevant information. This normally takes about an hour or so we will try to minimise any intrusions caused. We will normally look to arrange a mutually agreeable investigation date in about a week’s time.

SPI will arrive and do the most critical part of our process the investigation itself. We will normally spend an hour or so setting up our equipment and planning the course of the investigation for the night this is typically splitting into investigation teams. The investigation will normally takes 3 - 4 hours depending on the size of the location and number of locations involved again we will try to minimise on any intrusions caused. We will of course be trying to record and measure as much as possible in order to conduct a thorough investigation. Nath this time will take a more detailed walk of the property than before and will hopefully be able to give a clearer insight into what is happening and perhaps why.

Once the investigation is complete it is SPI’s job is to go through and see if we have captured any evidence from the investigation data we have gathered , this can take anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks to gather and for our reports to be written up . We will contact you to arrange a post investigation visit to present our report and results we have found, again this will be a mutually agreeable time.

We hope the above gives anyone considering contacting us about doing an investigation an insight as to how we work and what we will provide in terms of how we carry out a paranormal investigation.